Chancellor Prospect Attorney Luckes Speaks to Students


PINE BLUFF, AR – Attorney Kim Luckes spoke to students today about what she can bring to the table in UAPB’s search for a new chancellor. Held by the Student Government Association, the forum provided students the opportunity to learn important information about Dr. Luckes as well as to inquire about her future goals for the university.

Dr. Luckes is the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Norfolk State University in Norfolk, Virginia and has held the position since July of 2011. She also has experience acting as President/Chief Executive Officer at NSU with notable achievements including the acquisition of $2.4 million in funds to support STEM projects and integrating Datatel technology into NSU’s Financial Services Department.

Luckes was given 2 minutes to make an opening statement, 5 minutes to answer for each question asked, and 2 minutes for a closing statement. SGA composed a list of questions that reflect the general curiosity of the UAPB student body. Flashcards were also available to students who wished to have their questions read and “Search for the CEO” (#Search4TheCEO) was the designated Twitter hashtag for students to make online inquiries.

Luckes began by addressing the students. “I’m very excited about being here at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff and I’m really excited to meet you.” Soon after the opening statement, SGA Executive Director Marquies Carter promptly delve into the question/answer session.

Many campus-related issues were covered during the forum, including improving expediency in the Financial Services Department, increasing student enrollment, and the role of Greek life on campus.

Students were very curious to hear Luckes’ plan of action for improving the Financial Services Department, however she quickly began by saying “Everywhere I’ve been, students have a problem with their financial aid.” Dr. Luckes also let students know she is well aware of the decrease in enrollment. “I have read and been told that enrollment has declined…we’ve got to increase our retention. We’ve got to make sure you’re prepared to graduate.” There was a unanimous feeling in the room when Dr. Luckes mentioned making the campus look more attractive. She suggested planting more flowers to enhance the scenery and landscaping.

When asked about the importance of Greek life on campus, Dr. Luckes responded “I think that Greek organizations have a place on campus…make that [organization] a part of your life, giving back; doing something that’s going to make a difference.”

In Luckes’ closing statement, she proclaimed that she is a student friendly, driven administrator and then thanked the students for allowing her the opportunity to speak directly with them.

The next candidate, Dr. Robert C. Mock, Jr., will speak on Thursday, January 24 at 2:00 pm in the Fine Arts Auditorium.


UAPB professor selected for FBI Citizens’ Academy

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Dr. Sederick C. Rice, assistant professor of biology at the University of Arkansas-Pine Bluff (UAPB) has been selected as a member of the 2013 Little Rock Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) Citizens’ Academy Class which is open to a diverse spectrum of business, civic, and religious leaders across the state. The Academy provides corporate executives and community leaders with an inside look at the FBI’s operations with the goal to improve understanding of the FBI’s role in the community, improve communication and increase interactions with the people and communities the FBI serves.

The Academy will begin March 5 and end May 7, 2013. As a member of the Academy, Dr. Rice will be trained in practical problem solving including fingerprint and forensic evidence collection and preservation, FBI jurisdiction and congressional oversight, and the structure and operation of FBI field offices and resident agencies.

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The Academy’s curriculum will include presentations on Counterterrorism, Counterintelligence, Cyber Crime, White Collar Crime, Violent Crime, Organized Crime, Drug Matters, Civil Rights, Applicant Program, and Community Outreach Program. Skills gained from the Academy will support Dr. Rice’s teaching and research at the University of Arkansas-Pine Bluff, and community outreach initiatives within the Pine Bluff community, and throughout the Arkansas Delta. After graduation, Academy attendees will join the FBI Little Rock Citizens’ Academy Alumni Association to create new partnerships, strengthen existing bonds, and work closely with Arkansas leaders that share a vision for safer communities.


UAPB Graduate Presents First Short Film

By Rachel Lloyd

There is much talent to be discovered on campus at UAPB. On Friday, November 30, students and local residents got an opportunity to see these talents on the big screen.

The Student Union Programming board presented “The Beholder,” a short film written and directed by Tenisha Allen.

Ms. Allen is a graduate of the university

“The Beholder,” starring Alexis M. Skinner and Kelsey Newman, explores self-acceptance, self-worth, and discrimination within the black community.

The film also stars UAPB students, faculty and alumni.

All footage from the film was shot at the Ramada Inn of Pine Bluff

Following the screening was a question and answer forum which allowed the audience to have their questions answered and get acquainted with the cast

A student asked Ms. Allen how she was able to establish a budget when producing the film and she responded by saying “There was no budget for the movie. A man named bobby Dandridge produced it.”

There were aspects of the film that evoked a lot of commentary from the audience.

Students were unafraid in giving their insight and many touched on discrimination within the black community.

Ms. Allen says she does not plan on making a part two of the film. However she is working on another film.

Winning Powerball Tickets Sold in Arizona and Missouri

By Rachel Lloyd

The winning tickets for the Powerball jackpot have been confirmed.

The tickets were sold in Arizona and Missouri. The two lucky winners will take home a combined jackpot of close to five hundred and eighty eight million dollars.

Missouri Lottery officials have confirmed that the winning ticket sold in Dearborn, Missouri matched all six numbers. They’ve also set a news conference to take place at a high school near the convenience store where the ticket was purchased. It is unclear whether the person who bought the ticket is from Missouri.

Arizona Lottery officials say the other winning ticket was sold at a 4 Sons Food Store near Phoenix. Nearly one thousand Powerball tickets were sold at 4 Sons alone.

For more information and to see the winning numbers, you can visit

October Blood Drive at UAPB

Students donate blood at the October blood drive.

By Ronald Meeks

The American Red Cross Association held a blood drive in the Kenneth L. Johnson, Sr. HPER Complex on Monday, October 8. Students came to show their support in saving lives by donating blood. Many students were able to donate, but some were unable due to low iron and other factors.

UAPB student volunteers encourage all students to donate blood. Encouragement is essential because it helps relieve the anxiety associated with donating blood, especially for first-time donors.

Did you know there’s a process in giving blood? Supervisor of Blood Operations Ericka Delaware explains this process. “We screen for qualified donors, to make sure to follow the steps to not contaminate the blood units and to make sure the donors and the patients get the safe blood products.”

Blood is distributed amongst cancer patients, burn victims, sickle-cell patients and other people in need of blood. “If you [have] been out [of] the country, been taking illegal medication and had tattoos done at home, you would be an unqualified donor.” This is a safety measure that ensures no “bad blood” is donated that could hurt the recipient. This also includes donors that could be STD positive.

If you were unable to participate in this blood drive, it’s not too late to make a difference. You can visit the Jefferson County Health Unit of Pine Bluff or your local clinic or hospital during business hours. The next campus blood drive will be held next spring.