UAPB Tornado Preparation

By Andrew Spencer

Tis the season of tornados and thunderstorms. Knowing what to do when the campus is under a tornado watch is important. Though nothing can be done to prevent a tornado, surviving lies in planning, preparing and practicing what needs to be done in case a tornado strikes.

In an effort to improve its emergency response procedures, the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff is implementing AlertUAPB, an emergency notification system.

AlertUAPB allows the university to send time-sensitive notifications via voicemail, email, and text messaging; notifications for events such as severe weather, building concerns, and intruders. To resister follow This link will take you to the UAPB site for Rave Mobile safety.

When severe weather threatens it is important students, faculty and staff in dormitories, dining halls, offices, classrooms, and all other buildings know what to do, and where to go. Move away from all windows and glass; go to the innermost part of the building on the lowest level. Assume the fetal (tucked) position with head toward the wall.



Administration Building

 Personnel in the Administration building including the Chancellor, Vice Chancellors and staff are to go to the basement by way of the nearest stairwell.

Henderson-Young Hall, Dawson-Hicks Hall, Caine-Gilleland Hall

Staff and students should proceed to the first floor and make use of hallways and auditorium walls. Avoid elevators. Use nearest stairwells.

Hathaway-Howard Fine Arts, Caldwell Hall, Corbin Hall, Woodard Halls, Kountz-

Kyle Hall, Rust Technology Building, Adair-Greenhouse Hall

Staff and students should proceed to the first floor hallways and/or auditorium.


Hazzard Gymnasium – Military Science

All staff and students should proceed to the front hallway and bathroom.

Kenneth L. Johnson HPER Complex

In the event of a tornado during a sports event or class, everyone in attendance should proceed to the basement floor racquetball court area, ground floor locker room, and hallway.

Watson Memorial Library, Childress Hall, Browne Infirmary

All staff and students should proceed to the first floor innermost part.

L. A. Davis Student Union

Staff and students should proceed to the TV lounge, lobby, pizza area, and bathrooms.

Johnny B. Johnson Complex, Delta

Second floor residents are to proceed to the first floor lounge and restroom areas. When space is no longer available, the remaining students should proceed to the Commons Building.

Harrold Complex

All residents are to proceed to the first floor hallways and restroom areas. .

Hunt, Douglas, and Lewis Halls

All residents should proceed to the first floor hallways and bathrooms. 

A pillow and/or blanket may be used for all students in the dormitories to shield from debris.


If  caught outside away from any shelter, try to locate a depression in the ground, ditch, culvert or other low area. Cover your head and lay flat, facing the ground. If you are near a bridge or overpass, leave your vehicle and climb as close to the upper portion of the incline as possible. Do not stay in your vehicle or try to outrun a tornado using a vehicle.

Before leaving your shelter area wait until the situation has been declared safe by University Police Department.

With preparation comes the ability to not only survive a tornado, but to thrive after the emergency has passed.



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