UAPB Students go to Haiti

By Nicole Louis

Three University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff students are giving back and reaching out to the less fortunate.

Derrick Barnhill, Precious Taylor and Taurean Morrow will journey on a mission trip to the small-impoverished country of Haiti during spring break. The trio will be represent UAPB’s Baptist Collegiate Ministries, as part of a larger group that include students from U of A Forth Smith.

Each decided to embark on this journey for different reasons.  “I am going to spread the gospel, and share the love of Christ with those that some may think are unlovable,” Barnhill says.

 “I want to make disciples in a new place,” is Morrow’s reason.

All three are excited about going to a new place on a new adventure, but most importantly they are ready to “ be the hands and feet of Christ,” says Precious Taylor.

Haiti is known for being a poverty stricken country, however it is well known for its history of deadly hurricanes and earthquakes causing damage to the country and its people.

The most recent disaster was the devastating earthquake in 2010, which is responsible for more than 220,000 deaths, 300,000 injuries, and according to ( , left more than one million people homeless.

During their trip to Haiti the group will dedicate their time to sharing the love of God. They will also work to give aid to those in need, and still suffering from the earthquake, although it has been three years.

Each student will dedicated their time during their spring break to make an impact and do their part to make a difference in the world. It took months to gather donations and prepared for this trip. They are excited to make an impact in Haiti.


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