Winning Powerball Tickets Sold in Arizona and Missouri

By Rachel Lloyd

The winning tickets for the Powerball jackpot have been confirmed.

The tickets were sold in Arizona and Missouri. The two lucky winners will take home a combined jackpot of close to five hundred and eighty eight million dollars.

Missouri Lottery officials have confirmed that the winning ticket sold in Dearborn, Missouri matched all six numbers. They’ve also set a news conference to take place at a high school near the convenience store where the ticket was purchased. It is unclear whether the person who bought the ticket is from Missouri.

Arizona Lottery officials say the other winning ticket was sold at a 4 Sons Food Store near Phoenix. Nearly one thousand Powerball tickets were sold at 4 Sons alone.

For more information and to see the winning numbers, you can visit


October Blood Drive at UAPB

Students donate blood at the October blood drive.

By Ronald Meeks

The American Red Cross Association held a blood drive in the Kenneth L. Johnson, Sr. HPER Complex on Monday, October 8. Students came to show their support in saving lives by donating blood. Many students were able to donate, but some were unable due to low iron and other factors.

UAPB student volunteers encourage all students to donate blood. Encouragement is essential because it helps relieve the anxiety associated with donating blood, especially for first-time donors.

Did you know there’s a process in giving blood? Supervisor of Blood Operations Ericka Delaware explains this process. “We screen for qualified donors, to make sure to follow the steps to not contaminate the blood units and to make sure the donors and the patients get the safe blood products.”

Blood is distributed amongst cancer patients, burn victims, sickle-cell patients and other people in need of blood. “If you [have] been out [of] the country, been taking illegal medication and had tattoos done at home, you would be an unqualified donor.” This is a safety measure that ensures no “bad blood” is donated that could hurt the recipient. This also includes donors that could be STD positive.

If you were unable to participate in this blood drive, it’s not too late to make a difference. You can visit the Jefferson County Health Unit of Pine Bluff or your local clinic or hospital during business hours. The next campus blood drive will be held next spring.

Instagram Ballots Possibly Illegal

sample of an Instagram ballot

Voters show their pride in voting by posting pictures of their ballots on Instagram.

Tuesday, some voters uploaded pictures of their ballots to Instagram after voting in the presidential election. Though this is one way to make a political statement it is also illegal in many states. This is due to vote buying; a term used to label voters who are bribed into proving who they voted for.

It is a misdemeanor to keep any memorandum of anything occurring within the booth according to a New York state law. In other states such as Florida, Kentucky, Nevada, Texas and West Virginia, photography and recording equipment are strictly forbidden inside polling locations.

Fred Woodhams a spokesman for the Michigan Department of State says Michigan voters face having their ballots withdrawn if found taking pictures or recording video in a polling place.

Woodhams gives other voters reassurance by saying “Certainly we’re not going to Instagram to find people’s ballots.”

In the state of Arkansas there is no law prohibiting photography or video recording inside a polling location. To learn more information about Arkansas election policies, you can visit the Arkansas Secretary of State Elections website at